About Us

Broad Reach Farm is a full-service retirement catering to the needs of older horses in their non-performance years.  We offer the care your horse has been accustomed to – daily grooming and foot care, blanketing as needed, fly spray and fly masks during turn out, matted stalls, stall fans, heated water buckets in winter, full day turnout in winter and night-time turnout in summer.  In addition, your horse will enjoy a low-stress environment with carefully chosen turn out companions, so that he can enjoy just being a horse with close equine relationships.  Our years of experience caring for older horses enables us to configure a diet that will keep your horse’s weight up as his metabolism changes, to give him appropriate turn out to maximize soundness and comfort, and to identify and treat the common ailments of aging.

Come and visit us to see why Broad Reach Farm is the right home for your loyal performance partner in his retirement years.