Chesley and Doug Welch 

Chesley McLaren at Broad Reach Farm with Ike

Chesley McLaren at Broad Reach Farm with Ike

“When our dear sweet Ike, a young and healthy quarter horse developed navicular disease it was clear his riding days were over.

We wanted to find him a home nearby which was a struggle until a friend recommended Katherine Jennings of Broad Reach Farm in Ghent.

We drove up to a scene of horses grazing in lush green pastures and well kept stables. The minute we met Kaylee we knew this was the place for Ike. Her love and vast knowledge of horses was a great comfort.

On our regular visits we always found Ike content and well cared for. Plus we received bi-monthly email updates and photos of life at Broad Reach Farm, phone calls with any concerns or recommendations for Ike and always notice before the vet’s or farrier’s scheduled visits.

Ike had 3 very happy years under Kaylee’s care.  Her kindness and understanding made the difficult task of letting Ike go a gentle transition for my husband and myself. We should all be so lucky.” 


Abigail Gordon

“Sue’s time at Broad Reach was very special. It was her first retirement home and I had such feelings of loss at losing my riding companion and guilt of shipping her off somewhere just to save money. My anxieties were almost immediately forgotten though.

The care, facility and attention to details were so extraordinary at Broad Reach that I soon realized I had found the right place. I never ever worried about Sue in the cold or the rain and knew you kept her safe and sound (well sound-ish).  You clearly treated her as you treated your own horses. 

I never would have moved Sue to her current home if I hadn’t been moving almost three hours away from Broad Reach. Deciding to move Sue away from Katherine’s care was as hard a decision as deciding to move her up there in the first place. I am grateful for finding Katherine and Broad Reach.”